Sunday, June 30, 2013

New carts for more fun!

Chalk Mountain golf course just added, well about a month ago (sorry for the delay), new carts to the ammenities at the golf course.  Joel Clay, General Manager for our concession operator, had a great idea to enhance the golfing experience. 
If you are celebrating your birthday or special event be sure to let staff know and you may have the priviledge of driving a special cart with chrome wheels, cooler, and black metallic flake paint.  These carts are sure to make your next outing even more memorable.

The regular fleet has been ordered in two different colors to help manage the fleet by aiding in the rotation of carts, red one day, blue the next. 
Red carts to start the day today with blue to follow after the reds are all rented.
Tomorrow blue will be the first out and red will follow.  This will help to ensure
all carts receive nearly equal use. 
This may not be interesting to the golfers, but take note all of you owners and operators out there.  Just another way to think outside of the box. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free golf for women, really?!

YES!!!  If you have not heard, we are offering free golf to all female golfers throughout the entire month of June.  The only catch is that the offer is only good after 10 am.  We would love to see you and your friends take advantage of this offer 7 days per week, so pick up your phone or login to our online booking site at or and reserve your tee time right now!

Last year offered the same promotion in an effort to increase women's participation at golf courses in our area.  Women make up just over 10% of the golfers nationally and we want to do our part to encourage all of the ladies in our area to at least give it a try.  It's true that golf is a male dominated sport and that it can be intimidating as a new golfer to give it a try let alone as a women in a men's arena.

The fact is that golf is a very social game and a great recreational option for those that want to remain or be active without having to go to a gym.  You can burn over 3000 calories if you play 36 holes of golf while walking and even more if you carry your own bag!  The game puts you in nature and you interact with all that the earth has to offer, fresh air, sunshine, and many critters that call golf courses home.  Most courses do all they can to attract and retain the wildlife that inhabit their property and are careful about what methods they use to combat things like turf diseases or insect problems to maintain a healthy ecosystem by using an environmental approach.

What are you waiting for...get out here and if not at one of our courses, please seek out your local golf course and give it a try.  It may be like visiting a new country, but I promise that once you get to know the locals and your way around you will be sad when your visit is over and you will want to schedule your next visit!  Happy golfing!