Friday, March 28, 2014

The Symposium on Affordable Golf ... West Coast Style!

Two years ago I attended one of the best golf conferences that I have had the pleasure of experiencing!  No it was not the Golf Industry and Show in Las Vegas although, that was a great conference as well, but it was the Symposium on Affordable Golf in North Carolina.  The venue there is great as it is held in Southern Pines in Pinehursts backyard.

The brain child behind the SOAG is Richard Mandell, golf architect.  Richard has held the event at Southern Pines for the past four years with much success of attracting many leading professionals from all facets of the golf industry.   My first experience is best described as pure honesty regarding the discussions and topics.  Many events seem to have a group think mindset with little open dialogue between participants that lead to fruitful ideas or brain storming.  Richard's ability to moderate the group to encourage varying viewpoints is a true breath of fresh air.

During my visit last year I suggested that we move the event to the west coast and see if the discussion takes a different turn as my experience managing courses throughout the country has afforded me many experiences with golfers.  In my opinion golfers have differing expectations and desires based upon geography and it would be interesting to see how the discussions may get different results on the west coast.  Richard agreed and Dairy Creek will host the first SOAG away from the southeast and bring it to California.

The event is March 31 and April 1.  Take a look at our line up and register to attend this terrific event at  If you have any questions respond to this blog and I will do my best to cure your curiosity.  We nearly have 100 registrants signed up at this point and it promises to be a great event.  I hope we see you there!