Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Student golfer program at Chalk Mountain Golf Course

Chalk Mountain Golf Course participates in the Life Fitness program hosted by the Atascadero High School. The Life Fitness program is designed to introduce students to sports which are not typically part of the school team sport experience. Golf is a team sport for many schools across the country, however many individuals never become exposed to the game of golf and Chalk Mountain is glad to be able to provide this experience.

Through the program students, mostly juniors and seniors, are taught the basics of golf and career opportunities over the span of 3 weeks. The program starts with putting, chipping, and full swing where the students practice their grip, posture, and swing mechanics. This is followed by a walk through of all of the golf facilities available at Chalk Mountain including pro shop, cart barns, restaurant, and turf maintenance. The next step is getting out onto the course to discuss etiquette, golf course behavior, golf course set up, the areas of the golf course (greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, and roughs), and strategy of playing the game.

The staff and volunteers that are given the opportunity to help with this program truly enjoy being able to give back to the game that has given them so much. Through junior programs we hope to instill the morals and values that can help an individual be successful in life by simulating those difficult experiences on the golf course. Golf is truly one of the greatest sports as YOU are responsible for the situations you will encounter, good or bad, and YOU are responsible for getting your ball out of trouble and assessing penalties or celebrations along the way!

"The great thing about golf is that it's not a fair game. At one point or another it's unfair to everybody. But you know what? There's nothing wrong with having a game that's unfair."
-- Ben Wright, Good Bounces & Bad Lies

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