Friday, November 6, 2009

Storm damage repair

The netting along the 6th hole took quite a beating from the winds of the storm on October 13-14. Many small holes were ripped open and more concerning to me and my staff was the large hole that was nearly 20 feet high and 15 feet wide. This hole was a particular concern as it Shields the houses from errant golf balls on the right hand side of the fairway. A series of events following the storm (we do not own a lift, public works did not have the equipment available to us in the immediate future due to tree trimming that resulted from the same storm, rental availability, and unsafe windy conditions) prevented our immediate attention to this issue.
Our staff is full of highly skilled individuals that can operate and manipulate various pieces of equipment. In these photos you can see Joe Oles and Morgan Brockman manning the high lift using zip ties to repair all of the openings in the net. These tasks are fun for staff to tackle as it is a change from their normal job duties that they perform on the course.
We are looking into purchasing large areas of netting so that over time we can replace this net in sections. The net has been up for 15-18 years and still repels golf balls quite nicely. However, being a few shots away from the ocean, the salt air has taken its toll. We are looking into adding trees and other deterrents to the course to persuade golfers to attack the 6th hole from a more leftward direction to help protect the houses from any assault.

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