Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're finally off of the paths at Dairy Creek!

Mother Nature is finally bringing some quality sunshine, warm temperatures, and wind to help dry things out. We were able to get the carts off of the paths yesterday, however there are the occasional cart path only holes and we ask that you really pay attention as you are motoring around as there are still many soggy areas out there. Thanks for your help!!

Our staff has been working hard to get things back into condition after the storms, as we have not been able to get equipment in certain areas to keep things mowed down. They have done a fantastic job! The clover is running rampant across the course and we are working to chemically remove this troublesome ball eater as weather patterns allow for safe effective applications.

If you are not a SLO Golf Card card holder then make sure to buy yours this month and get signed up for our Membership Appreciation event held at Dairy Creek GC February 27th. The event was a big hit last year and we have made improvements to this years format so get signed up and find out what the membership was raving about last year! I will look forward to seeing everyone on the course!

"I never pray to make a putt. I pray to God to help me react good if I miss a putt."
~ Chi Chi Rodriguez


  1. Hi Josh, posted the "Member Appreciation" event news at GolfSLO's facebook page ;)

  2. Josh, Thanks for the update and I'm looking forward to playing on Friday. Your crew is doing a great job and we all appriciate it.

  3. Thanks Richard! I am sure that I speak for the rest of the courses in the area when I say thanks for spreading the word about what we are all doing to provide recreational and social opportunities to our community. Will you be joining us for the event?

  4. Make sure you and your crew get signed up for our membership appreciation event at the end of the month! It will be a great time to spend with friends while playing some fun games on the course and the return of 6" holes in the greens! Have fun on Friday!