Monday, August 9, 2010

Where there is smoke there is fire!

If you have played Dairy Creek recently you may have noticed the charred ground to the right of #4 or the right of #17. This burned area was not part of our regularly scheduled plans, but rather a surprise happening on a Friday afternoon. The fire began on the 4th hole about 150 yards from the green. The origins are not known, but it has been speculated that it may have been a spark from a club on a rock or possibly a cigarette ember. The wind was blowing quite a bit that afternoon and within minutes the fire spread down the hill-side and back up toward the 4th tee boxes. luckily the fire did not spread laterally very much and continued back up the hill behind the 4th tees on its way to 17. Once it hit #17 the fire ran out of fuel (dry grass) once it butted up against the maintained turf. Irrigation heads were turned on to protect the course and trees along the edge of the rough and Cal Fire and their crew were quick to answer the emergency call. They arrived with the full arsenal of fire trucks, fire crews, a large dozer, and helicopters and airplanes dumping fire retardant. Crews began back burning the blaze to control its path by removing any additional fuel material and overhead aircraft began dumping the retardant materials to knock down the flames. Once the fire was under control crews began walking the area and turning the soil over to extinguish any lingering smoldering plant material as well as operating the dozer to turn over the soil at the perimeter of the burned area in an effort to contain any flames that may have reignited. The crews did a fantastic job and were tireless workers in their full gear on this warm day! Here are a few pictures from the days events. Our hats are off to the fire crews and the amount of time they spent assuring our community that the fires were extinguished. The fire began around 2:30 and crews were still on site until dark! Thank you.

The scene as you entered the drive to the parking lot.

The clarity as you reach the 18th tee box overlooking the 17th hole.

Not exactly crop dusting...but similiar! One of these white Cal Fire trucks was turned pink from this activity. They appreciated the free car wash from our irrigation system near the cart path.
The unsung heroes! These guys were present start to finish and were there until dark or a bit after. Thank you SO much!!

The perimeter clean up to make sure the fire did not spread any farther to the north. They brought this big dozer on sight with a low boy trailer right through the same area you take your golf carts to the parking lot. If you saw the huge ruts in the lawn that weekend this guy was the reason. It was an amazing job by the driver not to do any more damage as I was expecting cracked concrete. My hats off to a job well done!

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