Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frost Damage...not just a myth!

You may recall the following picture from last year as it indicates how many footprints or steps that a single foursome creates by walking across a single green. Do you remember the answer?
? 240 steps per foursome per green!

Now the title of the post is frost damage and something about not being a myth. A number of weeks ago we experienced some low temperatures here on the Central Coast and some mornings it was even in the upper 20's. BRRR! (We are spoiled here) Frost had set up on the courses and we issued frost delays to help protect the turf. The next few photos show why we ask that golfers remain patient and not step onto the turf while we are experiencing this natural phenomenon.

This is a view of the first tee box at Dairy Creek Golf Course. Do you notice anything unusual? Maybe a different angle will help.
How about now? It nearly looks like a misapplication of herbicide like RoundUp.
A closer look reveals that these are in the shape of footprints and that would be correct. It appears that an individual took a stroll across the frost covered tee to have a look or stretch his/her legs before their round while waiting for the delay to be lifted.
These photos were taken the following morning once the damage was noticable and permanent. Nearly one month later these footprints are still visable and will be until the turf fills in because this damage caused death to these plants by crushing the cell structure inside of the leaf tissue, thus halting photsynthesis and energy production.

As golf course superintendents we realize how important this game is to the golfers and it is our intention to get you onto the course as soon as it is safe. But how damaging would this have been if this were a green? Schedules are important, but sometimes Mother Nature has her own thoughts and we beg you to understand the delays while we wait for warmer temps.
Happy Golfing!

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  1. Thanks, a great reminder for this time of year.