Thursday, June 9, 2011

Landscape upgrades which add serious curb appeal

Recently we hired a new staff member, Frank Dutra, who previously owned and operated his own landscape company in our County. Frank has been doing well and his work efforts have been making a statement with our customers. Before you ask what Frank has been doing on the greens to make people stand up and take notice let me fill you in about what Frank has been doing to help our facilities undergo recognizable changes.

With Frank's background and experience in landscaping we put his talents to work revamping our plans to imporve the landscaping at Dairy Creek GC. We started the project nearly a year ago, but have not had the time or energy to complete the task. When Frank came aboard the timing was perfect! He started along the walkway entrance to the building after staff poured the new mow strip at the base of the rock wall. Once that was complete he moved across the front lawn to totally rework the landscaping in our large beds. Here have a look!

Dave Wilkerson is our concrete expert with years of experience utilizing these materials. His experience has been instrumental to many projects we have completed around our courses.

Sometimes you just can't keep a hard working guy in his office! This Albert Nunes our Golf Supervisor out with the crew getting his hands dirty.

Here is the front lawn and landscaping all completed. Now it's time to let Mother Nature do her thing!

On to the front entry is Dave setting the forms for the concrete.

The concrete is in and the Grizzly Youths are planting the new material as per Frank's design.

We are awaiting bark mulch, landscape boulders, and some river cobble to finish off the look. Keep watching this area as you drive in for your next rounds of golf at Dairy Creek.

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