Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oncourse Restroom Facelift

Our restrooms at Morro Bay Golf Course received a much needed facelift during the past two months. The replacement costs and assiciated perimtting were well outside of the range of money that we wanted to spend so we renovated the structures in house using some volunteer and community work release labor. There was a fair amount of rotten wood that was removed given the moist ocean climate that the course resides within. New shingles were installed, paint was applied, and new fixtures freshen up the interior areas that have not been updated since the 1950's. This was a long overdue project that help improve the outside services of the facility.
Have a look at some before and after photos below.

Here you can see this structure is showing its age.

Not our best foot forward, even before we started removing the rotten wood exterior.

A close up of the rotted exterior wood. Luckily the damage did not make its way into the structural components of the building.

Here is the clean finished product after replacing the rotten wood and a fresh paint job! To finish this project we plan to install a faux rock surface over the concrete section of this front fascade along with a nice metal logo. I'll post those pics once the work is complete.

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