Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pond liner rapair at the waste water treatment plant

Most golfers know of three of the four of our ponds at Dairy Creek Golf Course.  "Four?" you might ask.  Well our forth pond is located about a half mile away at the California Men's Colony (CMC) waste water treatment facility located just south of Cuesta College.  100% of our irrigation water is reclaimed water through a Joint Power Agreement (JPA) with CMC.  The water is pumped into a holding pond at the treatment facility site and then we pump the water through a 6" pipe into pond #2 (the pond between #2 and #7).  Our three ponds on the course are interconnected with 18" pipes to maintain water levels for irrigation purposes.

The white pipe is the fill pipe, the green pipe is the pipe pumping
the water out and the ladder is used to repair the liner.

Early in February we worked with CMC staff to empty the waste water reservoir pond to clean and repair the pond liner.  The liner itself has a 15 year life expectancy and guess what...this summer is Dairy Creek's 15th year of operation.  None the less the liner looked good and most of the repairs were above the water line due to ground squirrels digging through the liner.  Here are a few pictures of our staff working on the repairs.  Enjoy!

Only about 10 more feet of water to remove.

Sludge is creating a suction problem.

Water pumping reinforcements to remove the sludge.

One of our helpers from CMC.

Prepping the liner for a patch.
One down...
 This process is nothing that we have ever encountered before and there were many ideas and solutions that were discovered along the way.  Albert, Kevin, Matt, and Dave all did a great job with a less than ideal situation.  You never know what the job will have in store, but luckily we have a staff full of problem solvers that have yet to back down from a task.

A bit more challenging, but nothing our staff cannot handle.

"Golf is a game in which the player's true opponent is the golf course.  That is why the game can be enjoyed in solitude or with other golfers of every caliber and age."
~Rees Jones, the course architect


  1. Great week guys, thanks for all the work you do.

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  3. You guys have shown hard work and dedication by fixing that huge pond! Well, that shows that you guys also have your passion in every work. So, how did it go? What is the design of the pond liners you've installed?

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