Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bubba Watson's amazing golf shot

Let me start by correcting myself.  Last Friday was not National Golf Day...tomorrow is.  When I set my calendar last year I posted my reminder to the 13th and not the 18th by mistake.  When I posted the last post I obviously did not read the article very well as the 18th is noted as being National Golf Day.  The good thing is that the 18th is tomorrow and there is still time to do something that will help honor and bring to light all of the good thing that the greatest sport in the world does for us and our communities.  So get out there and tell the world how good golf is!

Now, on to the topic the title of this post indicates.  By now you have all watched the amazing shot on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, and online that Bubba Watson hit on the second playoff hole to win the 2012 Master's Championship.  Below you can actually witness the path the shot took that makes it all that more incredible.  Look at the path it took and remember that this was hit by a left handed player so that ball should have had significant top spin being the equivalent of a snap hook that most of us are familiar with.  Bubba's ball however hit softly and really did not roll out very far. 

Now I have been to Augusta and the greens there have tremendous breaks and slopes that do not translate to television.  (this is also why they appear so fast because of the undulations that appear flat on TV)  His ball may have landed into a slope to help it slow down and with the softer conditions this year it may not have bounded forward like in years past.  None the less this was a remarkable shot!  The other thing we must consider is that had his ball struck a tree limb and knocked straight down we would be talking about him for an entirely different reason. 

The most remarkable thing to me came after Bubba creid on his momma's should was the number of Tour players that came out to congratulate him on his vicotry.  You never see that kind of support at a tour event and especially not at a Major.  This proves how special of an individual Bubba is as his peers obviously respect him a great deal.  Congratulations Bubba!

"I adore the game of golf.  I won't ever retire.  I'll play until I die.  Then I want them to roll me into a bunker, cover me with sand and make sure nobody's ball lands in there for a while."

~Lee Trevino             

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  1. Thanks for the post and for the words about this great game. Bubba's win made me smile all afternoon and gave me something to talk about with even non-golfers at work.