Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tee it Forward and increase your enjoyment!

The golf industry is trying to move the needle of golf and I am not talking about restricting the use of long or anchored putters. (I say if its available to everyone and its that much of a benefit why restrict it just let the players decide for themselves how they want to play.)  Have fun, that is the name of the game.  And that is just what this blog is about.

The needle moving I am talking about is moving golfers forward in their tee box selection.  Research has shown that many of us play from a distance that is prohibitive to our enjoyment and scoring ability.  The objective is to put regular players into the same positions as tour pros.  By position, I mean a position where you are hitting the same club that a tour pro would hit for their second shot.  If a pro were to hit driver 8 iron, why not the average player.  A tour pro can get home with driver, 8-iron from 430 yards, but the average golfers needs two drivers and a flip wedge (or more) to reach this green.  There is no chance for a GIR!  But if the average golfer played from 340 yards, they now have a scoring club in their hands on their 2nd shot.  Makes sense doesn't it?

Golf is very set in tradition and this is why we have discussions about anchored putters and women's tee boxes being taboo.  Why will most men who hit the ball 150 yards continue to play from the white tees and not move up a set of tees?  Part of the reason is stubbornness, part is "I have always played these tees", and another part is "the red tees are for ladies".  It's time for us all to move forward and at least try a different set of tees.  What have we got to lose other than frustration and fewer shots from 200+ yards?

In an attempt to encourage players to play from a different set of tees we are removing our red tee markers completely and replacing them with yellow markers and moving our white and blue markers forward if needed and using a black tee marker as our back tees.  One golfer suggested we put the red tees at the back, "to prevent golfers from wanting to play the 'tips' when they have no place playing from that distance."  This is actually an interesting thought...hmmm.  Anyway, next time you are out playing golf whether at our facilities or not, try moving up a set of tees and see if your quality of enjoyment increases.  If nothing else it will allow you to see the golf course you have been playing for years from a different perspective to point it may feel like a completely different course all together.

The main goal is to have fun from which ever set of tees you play!  Grip it and Rip it!

"Don Quixote would understand golf.
It is the impossible dream." 
~ Jim Murray, sports columnist

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