Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Master's week!

This week gets every golfers blood pumping and excited to get out to their course to start the golf season for most of the country.  Here in California the golf season never really stops, but for much of the country, the golf season typically is just ramping up as they thaw from their winter slumber.

When I worked in the Indiana, this weekend was the date that we hoped Mother Nature would cooperate with and provide golfing weather so that we did not have to address the questions of why we were not open or still playing on temporary greens.  Augusta infects golfers with the bug to get out and play NOW!  Thank goodness that is the case and if we could only determine how to infect more non-golfers with this bug by the thousands.  If you have a solution please share...hundreds of golf operators inquiring minds want to know.

As turf managers this weekend can be stressful or rather the Monday or Tuesday after.  This event spurs many questions like, "Can we get our greens to stimp 14?" or the forever favorite, "Why can't you get our course to look like that?"  Do golfers forget the well known information that Augusta has a large budget, is closed for much of the year, and its members are willing to pay for pristine conditions for the 5 months they can actually play the course.  The average golf facility budget is minimal and shrinking.  Not to mention the competition that is in the marketplace right now with discount green fees available to even high end resorts and clubs facilitated by the golf courses and third party tee time sellers (don't get me started).

I came across the following video link from the USGA and this could not have been delivered at a better time.  TV golf vs. Daily Play  It describes the disparity between TV courses and your regular track that you play on weekends.  Please take a look and get a glimpse into what goes into tournament preparations and why your course or club has a difficulty maintaining tournament conditions 24/7/365.  It's just not a sustainable model environmentally or financially for the majority of courses in the world.

Please enjoy!

"I don't fear death...but I sure do hate those three-footers for par."
~Chi Chi Rodriquez

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