Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our turkeys are evidently known around the world!

We had a couple of non-golfers visit our golf courses from across the pond last week.  I am not talking about the coots that come over from across highway 1.  I am talking about a couple of videographers from England.  They have been commissioned to create a documentary about wild turkeys and they received a tip that our County Golf Courses were a viable source for footage.

The group is part of Nigel Marven's entourage.  Mr. Marven has been seen on many talk shows and on Animal Planet describing and interacting with wildlife.  Check out this link www.nigelmarven.com and I am sure you will recognize the face if the name did not ring a bell.  Marven is a bit of a cross between Jack Hannah and the late Steve Irwin in my mind.  I did not have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Marven, but Alex and Mike from his film crew were quite a pleasure to work with.

Their intent was to show the human interaction with the birds and how the two species co-habitate a recreational landscape.  Atypical weather patterns were upon us during their visit and the species populations were not what they had hoped to capture on film as it was a bit moist and rainy during their visit.  None the less they got what they came for and included my ugly mug and golf shot into some of the footage.  The video is due out in January 2014 and I will send an update upon my receipt of the film.

I have included a few photos of them hard at work and a few of their subjects as well.  Enjoy!

Stalking the turkeys on #4 at Morro Bay.

Mike is trying to stay dry as the drizzle becomes rain.
Regrouping after the rain dampened their $100K camera.
Just what we needed shots with golfers and turkeys.  Can you tell which is which?

More bird and human interaction. Perfect!

Here is a better shot of who we had been stalking.

Mike capturing some mating ritual dances that take place all over Dairy Creek throughout the year.

The birds in the tall grass were not too excited to be caught on camera and were not interested in helping a bit.

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