Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Resurfaced cart bridges

The bridge at Dairy Creek's 14th hole
Dairy Creek Golf Course celebrated its 16 birthday this past June!  In that time we have provided nearly 700,000 (~670,000 rounds of golf) great recreational opportunities for golfers.  The rounds of golf we have put through the facility in this time has taken its toll on our 5 bridges that are provide golfers and my staff access throughout the course each and every day.  Obviously it is not only the traffic, but also the weather and irrigation that have helped to degrade the quality of the wooden surfaces over time.  Many of the wooden boards had lost the ability to be screwed back down to the base structure over time as staff constantly mended the bridges over the time of their existence to keep these access ways safe for use.  The wood simply will not hold screws and longer and it is time to refurbish these areas.

The completed bridge on the 10th hole at Dairy Creek
I work with an extremely talented staff of horticulturists, masons, framers, builders, and general problem solvers so this task was simple for such craftsmen.  The wood was stripped off and carts were allowed to cross the bridges while the work was being performed by using the understructure which is amazingly in like new condition.  They removed the old wood and screwed down new treated redwood timbers.  In the past the bridges were never treated with a protectant and that will be a new task that we will perform each year in the future to help sustain the life of this new wood.

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