Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks to the Grizzly's!

No not the species of bear, but rather the young men and women from the Grizzly Youth Academy. We were graced with the help of 5 young men who did a fantastic job assisting us with our renovation of the landscaping surrounding the entrance of Dairy Creek Golf Course. Adrian, Chris, Chris, Daniel, and Edgar helped remove old plant material, invading Bermuda and Kikuyu grass, tore out old stumps, and removed overgrown shrubs. The guys then raked and tilled the areas removing debris so that they could amend the soils and plant some annuals and spread mulch for the upcoming holiday parties that will be held at the facilities. This project is no where near completion, but the Grizzly's provided us a great jump start!
This program is a job shadowing program that provides the cadet's exposure to different organizations and careers. Our primary goal was to get started on our entrance landscaping project, but we did attempt to give the cadets a sample of our duties on the courses by talking about our irrigation pump stations, the different turfs that we grow and the differences between varieties, touring the facilities and discussing operations, and cutting some cups (and then reaping the benefits of our work by putting around a bit). Work hard and play hard!

If you are unfamiliar with the Grizzly Youth Academy, but may be interested in providing these fine youth a place to learn new skills or hone their current ones, please go to
http://www.grizzlyyouthacademy.org. We have experienced excellent results and met some really great individuals and will definitely be participating in this program in the future. The five guys that helped us out will be graduating in December and we would like to say, "thanks again guys and good luck!"


  1. Nice blog Josh!! I would like to set something up like this @ my club. Could you give me an e-mail as how to do/get started a blog of my own. Very professionally done btw.

    Also..you could add tha California GCSAA Link to your links.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Jim Husting, CGCS
    Woodbridge Golf & CC
    Woodbridge, CA


  2. Justin,

    Thanks for your kind words. Communication with customers is huge in my opinion.

    I will be in touch soon! Going through budget stuff right now and trying to fill a superintendent and mechanic position at the same time...so not a lot of free time, but give me a week or so and we can chat.

    I will definitely add the link. Take care!