Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a shot!

As I was inspecting the great job our staff is doing with removing the bunker and contouring on Morro Bay GC's fourth hole(stay tuned for pictures), I was lucky enough to witness this hole in 1! Roger Cripe has never played Morro Bay Golf Course, but this shot hopefully has made the course one of his regular stops. Roger and his two buddies were playing the hole from the white tees at 118 yards. It was a gorgeous shot and tracking the whole way. I did not happen to ask what club Roger hit, but it was a beautiful ball flight nice and high, that landed quite softly and one hopped into the hole! I hope this description helps you to visualize your shot and results Roger. You see, the fourth green is elevated above the tee enough that you can not see more than the first 3-4 feet of the green, so Roger did not know his ball was in the hole until my staff and I yelled in excitement. What a great game!


  1. Thanks for the story, and for removing the trap at this hole. I played at Morro on Saturday and hit one that would have been in the trap that managed to roll off the hill and back onto the green. You and your staff are doing a great job. Course was in fine shape

  2. We have been kicking around the idea of adding a bunker to the front or right side as these positions would be more relevent to the hole. We are glad that you enjoy the course and hope that you are visiting the other two courses, as well.