Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Golf and Environmentalism

Golf courses frequently receive a bad reputation from the media and general public due to our chemical and water useage.  I am biased and believe that golf course superintendents are good stewards of the environment and our natural resources.  Look at all of the golf blogs out in the world and read the posts regarding habitat restoration, innovative idease to reduce or eliminate water, fuel, and fertilizers.  There are plenty of them all you have to do is search and read (or better yet call up your area golf course superintendent and ask)!

Many of you that read our blog, know that Dairy Creek is currently working towards Zero Waste status and things are going well and systems are working.  All that is left is the fine tuning.  Golfers are doing their part by separating their waste and through our tours and presentations about Zero Waste we are getting the message out to the public about how they can perform these simple tasks or create these systems at home.  Collectively together we can all make a difference.  And imagine a wasteful golf course professing and following such a clean initiative!

Our newest accomplishment, I say ours, but really it is the accomplishment of our local Integrated Waste Management Authority ( has received a $100,000 grant to provide all of the golf courses in our County with waste receptacles to help make recycling and sorting easier.  I cannot confirm that the implementation of our Zero Waste Park at Dairy Creek helped spur this idea or proof that such a grant had merit, but I like to think in some small way we are making a difference.

One of our displays at the clubhouse that help explain our program and how people can help.
(Click on the image to get a better view)
If you are local come by the Zero Waste Park within El Chorro Regional Park and take the self guided tour or call me and I will make myself available to give you a tour.  Let's all make our communities a better place to call home and come learn about how a golf course model can help keep our environment clean for all to enjoy!
"Golf is life simplified and improved."
              ~ David Owen, writer             

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