Friday, October 12, 2012

Magic on a golf course

As golfers we all know the magical things that happen on a golf course.  For instance, how the dew glistens across the course just as the sun peaks over the horizon, how you manage to pick just the right line of a triple breaking putt of 90 feet (I don't know what that is like but I have heard about it), or how your playing partner Sal's ball made such a wicked turn in the air to end up in the worst possible jailed position, and finally how Sal was able not only to get the ball out of jail, but onto the green, make par and win the double down press on the last hole!

Take a look at this advertisement for the European Tour and enjoy yourself as you watch the magical shots and ... well ... the MAGIC.  Enjoy!

"The charm of a good hole is that it keeps us thinking that we have always got to decide between, on the one hand, a highly dangerous but highly profitable course and, on the other hand a comparatively safe, easy course that ought not to lose us much but may just lose us somthing intensely important."
~ Bernard Darwin, golf columnist and grandson of Charles Darwin

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