Friday, June 8, 2012

The finishing touches in the Woodpecker Grill at Chalk Mountain

The clubhouse renovation was completed in 2009 and it is hard to imagine that is was that long ago.  Somehow it seems like it was just yesterday!  The renovation changed the interior of the Woodpecker Grill from a carpeted floor to a stone tile and the acoustics were dramatically different.  Although the new look was very attractive to the eye, the sound was nearly unbearable when three or more people were inside the building because there was little to dampen the sound.  We did receive a few negative comments about the noise levels, but overall the feedback was very positive and the space has been well utilized.

Joel listened to the feedback and felt it was time to reduce the noise levels to make the space more inviting.  He sought out the help of a local golfer who also dabbles with interior design and the connection was made and the ideas began to flow.  In the photos you can see the window treatments and new bench seating that encompasses the entire space.  The seating alone really adds to the restaurant as it has nearly doubled the seating ability.  Three flat screen TV's were installed to provide viewing from all corners of the room, golf paintings created by one of the "regular players" at Chalk were hung on the walls, table tops were refinished, and finally a new coat of paint was added to the walls to tie everything together.  Not only does it look fantastic, but the window treatments and upholstery on the bench seating have eliminated the noise.  The result is a restaurant with a new look that can compete with their culinary delights and of course that great grilled hot dog!

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