Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First Staff Cup

 All three of our courses are assisted by the help of concession operators to some degree.  Chalk Mountain is fully operated by Golden State Golf and I am the only County staff member that has any duties or responsibility to the property.  Morro Bay and Dairy Creek Pro Shops and Restaurants operations are managed by Fairway.

I have been working with the management of Fairway to find a way that we could integrate our staffs together as a teambuilding activity.  The solution was quite easy.  Since we manage golf courses why not hold a tournament?  We have held many outings in the past for staff, but not with the intent to team build or event to have one course play another course.  
This time however there were to be bragging rights and an trophy associated with the event not to mention some great cullinary delights afterward.
Peter's classic follow through that has an uncanny resemblance to the Morro Bay logo.
The competition involved 3 teams of 4 individuals per course and each team combined staff from County, Fairway, and our volunteer staffs.  The winner was determined by combining the 9-hole scramble scores from all three teams into a team total.  Wouldn't you know there would be a tie at 6 under!  So, onto the putting green. 
John trying to solidify par at the 9th.
Each course randomly drew names from a hat to determine their 3 putters that would each putt a stroke toward a designated hole and the team with the lowest combined miss distance would take the cup.  The trick was that no golfer was allowed to watch any other golfers putt so that they all had an equally challenging time with the shot. 

Alan rolling in a crucial putt for birdie on the 9th hole.
Ryan serving up some delicious Tres Leches cake.
Randy and Ryan after everyone has been served.  Thanks for the great eats!
After the first four played their shots it was pretty even with two putts not staying on the green and the other two missed by about 12 feet. The final player for each team then gave it a try and Mo Brockman's missed putt of 14" clinched the title for Morro Bay. We plan to continue this event twice per year and the next event will be held sometime around November/December.

Morgan's winning putt is on its way

And the winner is...Morro Bay.  The line has been drawn in the sand!
Congratulations everyone!  Two things are certain...we are blessed to live on the Central Coast and have great team members that deliver consistent quality and service on beautiful golf courses!

"When I get out there on that green carpet called a fairway, and poke the ball right down the middle, everything looks like heaven on earth." 
~ Jimmy Demaret, former PGA Tour player

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